Sketch Fight - Pencil Vs Camera

Collaboration with my friend Sébastien Del Grosso. I drew him in my style (left side) and he drew me in his style (right side). You can find posters, canvases and nice derivatives of this artwork at this link and you can also view my sketch in progress here below. © 2014 Ben Heine

Rainbow Memories (Original Music by Ben Heine)

Original musical work. It is a collaboration with my friend Thibault Crols. I hope you like it. My fav moment is the fat bass part starting at 1:37. Cover picture: "In A Rainbow City" (Model: Emy Neirynck). Cover and music: © 2014 Ben Heine

#OnTheDraw: Ben Heine illustrated Journey in Tenerife

Here are the final illustrations and some of the sketches I made during my 1 week journey in Tenerife, Canary Islands for Turismo de Canarias. You will also find in this post a selection of the best photos I took in different secret locations in the island as well as some backstage pictures showing my local partners (28 y Medio). It was a beautiful travel and a rich experience. All photos, drawings and sketches are copyrighted © 2014 Ben Heine. More information about the project can be found on

Final Illustrations

Los Gigantes
Los Gigantes (Posters)
Los Gigantes (in progress)
Teide Nomad
Teide Nomad (Posters)
Teide Nomad (in progress)
Traditional Dress
Traditional Costume (Posters)
Sketch in progress by Ben Heine
Traditional Costume (in progress)

Swimming for Psoriasis

I'm supporting an action for the World Psoriasis Day. Together with some other Belgian personalities, we swam with people having psoriasis to prove that it isn't infectious. Psoriasis is a skin disease that affects about 20 million Europeans and 300 000 Belgians. Most people believe that psoriasis is infectious, but it's not. 

Some of the Psoriasis patients
Thomas Gunzig and Ben Heine

Tribute to Nelson Mandela

You Don't Wanna Play (Original Music by Ben Heine)

Here is a new (experimental) musical work. I composed the melody, recorded the instruments with my synth, wrote the lyrics, sang the vocals and edited all this in Ableton Live. I also used a friend's voice (Lore.G) for the female voice (with loads of sound effects). Music and cover picture © 2014 Ben Heine.

Electronic Music Work in Progress

Quick Improvisation With My Electronic Drum Set

Brussels Accessible Art Fair

flesh and acrylic happening

Accessible Art Fair

acrylic hand painted outfit by ben heine

Brussels Fashion Days

Ben Heine and David Lallemand

Ben Heine and Najwa Borro

Ben Heine and Model

Taste Buds Music by Ben Heine

Personal original composition (edited in Ableton Live). A bit quieter than usual. It becomes slightly crazier at the middle of the track. I made this music as a soundtrack for this time lapse video, which shows the making of a recent abstract project.

New Photos by Ben Heine

Prints/posters available here
Prints/posters available here