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Interview for Flickr (*)

Photographer literally draws life into his photos (You can also read the following interview on Flickr Blog or find the above audio interview on Yahoo Screen).

Interview with Ben Heine for Flickr - The Weekly Flickr - 2013
Ben Heine for The Weekly Flickr
In this edition of The Weekly Flickr, we profile Belgian artist and photographer Ben Heine. To call Ben Heine’s photography “cool” or even “eye-catching” is a bit of an understatement. His images are mesmerizing. Ben’s Pencil Vs Camera series perfectly blends illustrations in surprising but clever juxtapositions.

Ben Heine has created a form of art that is truly all his own. Einstein once said: “Imagination is more important than knowledge.” Ben Heine is using art to show that if you can see it and believe it, there are no bounds to creativity! 

Pencil Vs Camera - Art by Ben Heine
Pencil Vs Camera - © Ben Heine
“In my work, I’m really trying to interact with the viewer,” the Belgian artist tells The Weekly Flickr in the accompanying video. “I want to make them laugh or smile, and if I can, surprise people so that he or she doesn’t understand how it’s made. I’m having so much fun and I want them to feel the same.”

Heart-Shaped Face Barn Owl

Photo by Ben Heine: Cute heart-shaped face barn owl in a Belgian forest
Cute heart-shaped face barn owl in a Belgian forest © 2013 Ben Heine

A very cute and colorful heart-shaped face barn owl I found in a forest near where I live in Rochefort. I took this photo with the Canon 5D Mark II. You can view my other pictures of animals at this link.

More info: Barn owls (Tytoninae) are one of the two families of owls, the other being the true owls. They are medium to large sized with large heart-shaped faces and long legs. They live in a wide range of habitats from temperate latitudes to the tropics. They are mostly nocturnal, and generally non-migratory.

Pencil Vs Camera - 76

Pencil Vs Camera 76 with Dragon by Ben Heine at Gyeongbokgung Royal Palace in Seoul, South Korea
Dragon landing on Gyeongbokgung Royal Palace © 2013 Ben Heine

A sketch I made at Gyeongbokgung Palace in northern Seoul, South Korea. First constructed in 1395, later burned and abandoned for almost three centuries, reconstructed in 1867, then destroyed by Imperial Japan in the early 20th century, it was the largest palace of the Joseon Dynasty. It has been gradually restored back to its original form.

I took this photo with the new Samsung Galaxy NX Camera and drew the quick sketch by hand as always! View the photo report about my travel and exhibition in South Korea at this link. View the full Pencil Vs Camera album. You can buy prints  of the above image here

Ben Heine working on Pencil Vs Camera at Gyeongbokgung Royal Palace in Seoul, South Korea
Adjusting the drawing and tearing the paper at the chosen location

Petal by Petal

Rose Petals - Life, love, passion, colors - photo by Ben Heine (2013)

Life is a never-ending stream of passion, love and colors. I recently took this photo with the new Samsung Galaxy NX Camera (Macro Lens...) PS: Some cool & affordable gift ideas for Christmas!

Seoul by Night

Long exposure photo in Gangnam, Seoul, South Korea (Ben Heine Art)
Gangnam Routine (long exposure) © 2013 Ben Heine

A selection of photos I took in downtown Seoul, South Korea, a few weeks ago. I really enjoyed walking by night in the streets of the Gangnam district and visiting Seoul Tower (236m high). I was truly impressed by the beauty, height and style of every building in the city. I travelled to Seoul for a solo exhibition (view the photo report about this event at this link). I took all the photos in this blog post with the new Samsung Galaxy NX Camera.

Seoul Panorama and Han River - South Korea - Photo by Ben Heine
Seoul Panorama and Han River seen from Seoul Tower © Ben Heine

Small restaurant in a street of Gangnam © 2013 Ben Heine 

Photo by Ben Heine - Street in the Gangnam District of Seoul, South Korea
View from the top of a buiding in Gangnam © 2013 Ben Heine

Seoul Panorama and buildings and Han River - South Korea - Photo by Ben Heine
Seoul Panorama and Han River seen from Seoul Tower © Ben Heine

Seoul Panorama, buildings and Han River in South Korea - Photo by Ben Heine
Seoul Panorama and Han River © 2013 Ben Heine

Long exposure photo (cars and lights) in the Gangnam District of Seoul, South Korea - Photo by Ben Heine - 2013
Long exposure photo in a street in the Gangnam District © Ben Heine

Led Lights Abstracts in My Studio

Led Lights Abstract Photograph by Ben Heine
Abstract led lights composition in Ben Heine Studio © Ben Heine
A recent project. Long exposure photos. I was playing around with different led lights gadgets in my studio. Leds give beautiful sharp and incandescent lines surrounding the room furniture. It's an experimental project. View my other long exposure photos at the following link or buy some prints to decorate your home.

Led Light Long Exposure Photo by Ben Heine
Abstract led lights composition in Ben Heine Studio

Long Exposure Photo in Ben Heine Studio - Led Lights
Abstract led lights composition in Ben Heine Studio

Art by Ben Heine - Sofa and table surrounded by Led Lights - Long Exposure Photo
Abstract led lights composition in Ben Heine Studio

Ben Heine Led Lights Abstract Photograph with Model (Zhuzhu)
Abstract led lights composition with Zhuzhu in Ben Heine Studio

Old Lock Mechanism

Old lock mechanism - photo by Ben Heine

Would you guess what this is? It is an impressive lock mechanism (from the 16th century) of a big metal box I found in the Citadel of Dinant, Belgium. I really love the shapes, textures and symbols... I took this photo last summer and forgot to share it (I made some edits to improve the details, colors, composition, click to enlarge...). View some of my other photos taken in Belgium.

Interview for Freepik (*)

Ben Heine Art
Ben Heine working on "Less is More"

Nicoleta Ionescu: Please tell us, how does a typical day in the life of Ben Heine go?

Ben Heine: It usually goes like that: Wake up > Listen to music > Eat breakfast > Take care of my baby > Write emails > Work on art projects > Do some sport > Skype With partners > Organize or attend exhibitions > Dinner > Take care of my wife > Work more > Share on social networks > Sleep > Dream. 

How would you describe your personal style as an artist?

I like to mix different creative techniques, mixed media is what I'm the best at. My favorite art movements are Surrealism, Pop Art, Geometric Abstraction and Expressionism. 

How did “Pencil Vs Camera” occur to you and where is it heading right now?

Ben Heine Giant Drawing Art
Pencil Vs Camera - 72
I created my first Pencil Vs Camera image in April 2010. It's a concept that evolves permanently. It started with very simple black and white sketches on paper. With time, the drawings became more elaborated and creative. I then started doing colored illustrations on black paper. And I'm now doing huge 3D drawings on large paper, this is the latest innovation in this series.

How much time does an art piece take, in general?

I remember I could make several images in a week at the beginning of the series, it's now much more time consuming. It can take one or two weeks of intense work just to do one "good looking" Pencil Vs Camera image. 

What are your favorite medium and form of expression?

I enjoy abstract art more and more. It has less meaning but often more colors, more shapes and more emotions. I also like sculpture and music a lot.

Where do you find inspiration for your art projects?

In my own little despair. I tend to feel inspired when I'm sad or frustrated and I also have lots of ideas coming from the interactions I have with people around me. 

What is the greatest thing in contemporary art?

The concept is becoming more important that the final artwork. I don't know if it's great but that's what caught my attention.

Can you share some work secrets with the Freepik community of artists?

Artist are like magicians. They have many little and simple secrets. Here is something nobody knows: In some of my drawings in the Pencil Vs Camera series, I use black ballpoint pens from time to time to darken more some parts of my illustrations, because pencil is too grey or flat and not dark enough in my opinion.

What project are you working on right now?

Lots of administrative work to prepare future exhibitions. I'm impatient to start new creative projects.

Pencil or camera? Which one wins in the end? :)  

Pencil of course. Drawing is more powerful and limitless I think.

(*) Freepik is an online community that helps people find photos, illustrations and vectors to use for websites, banners, presentations, magazines...

Read some other interviews with Ben Heine

Some Thoughts

Some Thoughts - Ben Heine Portrait, 2013

"Trials and tribulations play a major role in any worker’s life, especially for those self-made persons. Making mistakes helps us learn and grow, slowly but surely. When experience and knowledge replace incapacity and ignorance, then serious things can start and the sun will shine in your life" (Ben Heine, 2013) - More.

Don't forget me

Photography Artwork by Ben Heine - Don't Forget Me with Chinese Model Zhuzhu - Girl Framed
Don't Forget Me © 2013 Ben Heine - Buy it as a print

Don't forget me, because I'll never forget you. I took this photo in my garden in Rochefort, Belgium. This is a real hut with divine proportions. Model: Zhuzhu. You can view a detail of the above photo at this link and my other photos with Zhuzhu here. New: This photo is available for sale.

Hidden Vision

Hidden Vision - Photo by Ben Heine with Chinese model Zhuzhu
Hidden Vision © 2013 Ben Heine

A portrait of Chinese model Zhuhu. I took this photo a few weeks ago in a forest near where I live in Rochefort, Belgium. You can view a detail here and my other photos with Zhuzhu here.

2013 Tour de France Photo

Photo by Ben Heine - 2013 Tour de France Photo - Time Traveler - With Marielle Humblet
Time Traveler © 2013 Ben Heine

These are my final edited pictures taken during my 2013 "Tour De France Photo". You can view many backstage photos at this link. "Tour De France Photo" is an artistic event happening every year and gathering models, photographers, makeup artists, fashion designers and hair styling artists. (All photos: © 2013 Ben Heine)

ZigZag - Photo by Ben Heine with Diana Meierhans - 2013 Tour de France Photo
ZigZag © 2013 Ben Heine

Old Times - Art and Photo by Ben Heine with Marie Priscilla Rodriguez - 2013 Tour de France Photo
Old Times © 2013 Ben Heine

Machine From The Past - Art and Photo by Ben Heine with Man Carreau Rodolphe Mine - 2013 Tour de France Photo
Machine From The Past 1 © 2013 Ben Heine

Lights Will Guide You - Art and Photo by Ben Heine with Artruk - 2013 Tour de France Photo
Lights Will Guide You © 2013 Ben Heine

Panic - Art and Photo by Ben Heine with Céline Bast - 2013 Tour de France Photo
Panic © 2013 Ben Heine

Blue Window - Art and Photo by Ben Heine with Melina Hess - 2013 Tour de France Photo
Blue Window © 2013 Ben Heine

Stairs To Nowhere - Art and Photo by Ben Heine with Melody Art - 2013 Tour de France Photo
Stairs To Nowhere © 2013 Ben Heine

Dancer - Art and Photo by Ben Heine with Marielle Humblet - 2013 Tour de France Photo
Dancer © 2013 Ben Heine

Cécile Dzinic - Art and Photo by Ben Heine with Cécile Dzinic - 2013 Tour de France Photo
Cécile Dzinic © 2013 Ben Heine

Wrapper - Art and Photo by Ben Heine with Céline Bast - 2013 Tour de France Photo
Wrapper © 2013 Ben Heine

Interview for Aha Daily (*)

digital photography and drawing. Which one was your first passion and - See more at:
introspection, light painting, long exposure, photography, Ben Heine
Introspection, 2013
digital photography and drawing. Which one was your first passion and - See more at:
(You can also read the following interview at
digital photography and drawing. Which one was your first passion and - See more at:

Nishu Kakkar: Tell us a little bit about yourself? Where is your home? How long have you been a visual artist? What factors favored you in becoming a successful visual artist today?

Ben Heine: I was born in Abidjan, Ivory Coast in 1983, I moved to Brussels, Belgium, in 1990 and I now live in Rochefort, a small city in Belgium. I’ve been working on graphic projects, mainly illustration and photography, for over 20 years.
Different - Ben Heine Photography - Long exposure with torches
Different © Ben Heine

Well, I don’t think I’m a successful artist. Firstly because the graphic design industry is totally sick and insignificant in comparison to other creative industries such as music and film. Secondly because there are many aspects I need to improve in my personal evolution. It’s true I do have the chance to get exposure when I post a new creation, I suppose because I’m young and rather active on social networks, but exposure doesn’t pay bills! Exposure is an illusion and a rather useless fantasy. What matters now is generating money and making a decent living with my art or I'll have to stop it.
digital photography and drawing. Which one was your first passion and - See more at:

I’ve always invested a lot of time and energy in my passions. I was doing things alone from the beginning, I have no assistants and I always learned on my own, so everything requires more time and efforts but it’s also very nice to be in control and to decide myself which direction to take! I despise those artists who pay a bunch of assistants to do the difficult work and don’t even credit them!

Theodor Heine
Theodor Heine born in 2012
What is your current state of mind before we continue with this interview?

Well, right now, it’s the middle of the night and many wishes, thoughts and hopes are spinning in my head. I’m contemplative, introspective, reflective and sensitive. I feel happy because I’ve had a beautiful baby boy who is now 1 year old. I also discovered some new passions that will help me not be blocked in my creative projects. I dream of harmony and I really wish I can keep growing as an artist.

Besides the various forms of visual arts seen from you so far, which new form/s can we expect from you in coming years?

Ben Heine doing electronic music - 2012
Ben working on a music track
I plan to end my “Pencil Vs Camera” series. I’m always trying to develop and improve the concept so that it’s constantly changing. I don’t want people to get bored with this idea. I don’t know exactly what I’ll do next. I started making music and this passion is literally eating me alive and I wish I could spend 100% of my time on it but unfortunately I have too many ongoing graphic projects. I’ll need to find new ways to express and renew myself. It’s not going to be easy, but I’m sure it’s achievable.

Which has been your most memorable assignment and why?

I’m sorry, I can’t say, I really tend to forget all my past projects. I don’t remember any of them. I can only say some were a bit more time consuming and difficult to make than others.

We know that each of us has someone or something, which inspires our life and work. Can you tell us the true basis of your inspiration?

 Inspiration comes from anywhere
Fear of death and anxiety are the main reasons giving me energy and motivation to create new projects. Childhood wounds are also playing an important role in my life as artist, bringing me the strength to surpass myself daily. Anything and everything, usually very small things, inspire me, I love to search for universal truths in tiny random events. Finally, I am a very competitive person, I like to test myself and to challenge others, of course, if I fail, I’ll try to fight more to succeed. If there is no chance at all, I'll simply give up and try something different.

What remains your biggest fear and biggest success as a multi skilled person?

One of my fears is to get lost in my different passions. Combining drawing and photography was rather easy so far. It’s harder to switch from my graphic to my music projects. But on the other hand, when I’ll have learned and mastered all the tools available in these fields, it will be a big strength and a powerful means of expression.

If you could live anywhere on this planet where would you build your dream home?

I think it could be in a quiet village in the USA, I'd love that!

List out your 5 most popular creations in your portfolio.

according to my sites stats:

Artwork by Ben Heine (Vertigo, Drawing, Photography)
Pencil Vs Camera 32 ©Ben Heine
No1: Pencil Vs Camera 73 (Double Identity, drawing, photo...) No2: Pencil Vs Camera 57 (Crow landing on girl in London) No3: Pencil Vs Camera 58 (Cat and dog, sweet duo in Spain) No4: Pencil Vs Camera 32 (Vertigo, optical illusion, in Germany...) No5: Planet Paris (Paris seen from the top of the Eiffel tower)

List out any 5 random sites/blogs from where you gain inspiration.

I’m not very proud to say that I almost never visit art blogs or other online resources. I don’t want to be influenced in any way. What I usually do is listen to news and science podcasts or music when I’m working. And I watch National Geographic or Discovery Channel during my breaks. That’s it.

If you could choose it, what would your legacy in the industry be? What is it that you want to be remembered for?

Innovation, fearlessness, unconventionality, independence.

What pieces of advice would you give to an amateur visual artist?

Portrait of Ben Heine by Thomas David - Photography
Ben Heine at Tour de France Photo
Be confident. Trust yourself. Try the untried. Learn from your mistakes and always remember that only efforts and hard work will bring you success, satisfaction and happiness. Be faithful and thankful to the people who helped and supported you and consider forgiving those who tried to destroy you. Don’t believe in providence. Always believe in your skills.

Which five words would your friends use to describe you?

Crazy, Solitary, hard worker, hyperactive, emotive.

(*) is a blog about art, design and creative technologies

Ben Heine New Online Shop

I'm happy to announce I recently launched a new online store at Zazzle with thousands of new products featuring my designs including art prints, postcards, t-shirts, mousepads, smartphone cases and skins, puzzles, clocks, dartboards and much more (view all products), all of them at affordable prices! 

Please, find some of these products in the following slideshows and click on any image you like. I will certainly add more pictures to this webstore in the near future. If you enjoy my work, please consider buying some of these high quality products, it is the only way to help me continue creating more. 
© 2013 - Ben Heine

Shooting with Zhuzhu

Some first photos with Zhuzhu, I took 
these pics in my garden and in my studio.
I'll share more works in future posts.